You’re here for a reason. As in, you’re here on this Earth for a reason — and you’re here on this very page for a reason. Let’s figure out what you need to do to live your fullest life. What’s your “why?” And then we’ll get to the “how.” I’m here to guide you in the right direction. It’s time to reconnect with who you really are.

SOUL CHECK-IN: In this one-hour session we’ll assess what’s going on in your life — and what would be the right next spiritual steps. You’ll answer a few questions before we meet, so that I can customize our time together. When we’re done, I’ll send you my recommendations and any other guidance that would be helpful for you on your journey.

The session and work for you will be intuitively guided — and there may be specific messages from deceased loved ones, Spirit Guides and/or Angels. My work though is rooted with tangible steps that I believe will help you to uncover your “why”.

  • Duration: 1 hour session time together, plus Robyn’s prep and her assessment completed after the appointment.
  • Deliverable: “Your Soul Plan” – Robyn’s recommendations and next steps. You will receive this within 48 hours of your appointment.
  • Price: $200

SOUL BFF SESSION: Once we’ve had a Soul Check-In session, I am happy to join certain spiritual sessions with you, or listen to session recordings so that we can digest and dissect the information together and apply it to your life — and ultimately your soul’s plan. Since we will have already worked together, we will be in touch to book this time and determine price via email.

  • Duration and Price: TBD — Will be booked after we determine your customized spiritual journey.


Please note: Our work together is not a substitute for medical or psychological guidance.


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