Robyn Miller Brecker is an Emmy® award winning producer and leader in content development. She  launched Seeking Center: The Podcast, as well as Seeking Center: The Weekly, in 2022.

She is also a mentor on theJuggl, a private mentorship platform that inspires all women to tackle anything, while they juggl everything. Robyn’s worked 100 hour weeks both with and without her daughter…and with an aging parent to boot. Life serves up daily challenges. theJuggl is a place + community to motivate and support women and their dreams. It’s not a place for perfection, it’s a place for progress, with no judgment. Hop on and check out the fabulous mentors representing all aspects of life, including — well you guessed it, spirituality. 

For twenty years she worked for Oprah Winfrey, collaborating with some of the most brilliant thought leaders of our time to create programming that has impacted millions. Prior to her time with Ms. Winfrey, she was part of the team that launched the children’s television network, Noggin, and also lived out some of her green slime dreams at Nickelodeon.

She has always been at the forefront of combining wisdom, technology and storytelling to inspire and bring like-minded people together. 

Robyn’s true awakening came when she faced her own life story.  She lost her father when she was 12. And she reconnected with him 23 years later, through a spiritual medium. That experience changed her life forever and took her seeking to a whole new level. 

In 2018, Robyn felt like her soul was “dying.” She had an idyllic family life, a successful career, and a solid support system — yet the fire that had always kept her motivated and smiling…was flaming out. Something wasn’t right. Her soul’s path was off track. 

Robyn felt like she was supposed to be doing something else, but what?! She had a sought-after-job with one of the most inspiring and powerful people in the world. What was this deep, inner longing for an alternate professional plan?

After a series of spiritual synchronicities (which you’ll read all about!), Robyn’s life was transformed and “Seeking with Robyn” was imagined! Her “what” and the next chapter in her life was realized. She wants to give this gift of awareness and awakening to everyone who is open and curious about changing their life. 

Robyn believes there are spiritual tools and practices–that most people don’t know about–that are here to support your soul’s journey in this lifetime. She’s on a mission to connect you with everything that she’s learning along the way. And she’ll only be sharing genuine, real-deal people, stories and practices that can help you. Oh, and she’ll be translating it all — so this spiritual stuff won’t feel so “out there”.

If you’re open, Robyn believes your life may just get better — and certainly more interesting! Start listening. 


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