A SEDONA SOUL AWAKENING: 3 Days That Transformed Our Future

by Aug 17, 2021

Has this ever happened to you? 

You get this voice, this inspiration that comes to you.  That you should do something, call someone, go somewhere, that well…doesn’t seem to make sense?  You think to yourself, “oh yeah, that would be nice, or, I should do that…” and then your brain jumps in and talks you out of it, and convinces you to save the idea for another day.

Well, for Karen….that’s how Sedona happened.  Sedona has been a voice, a yearning, a place that she dreamed of visiting, for as long as she can remember.  But daily life was always ahead of that dream…and it became a “bucket list” thing…you know, the thing that you say you’ll get to when all the other important things are done? 

But thanks to the conversations on “Seeking With Robyn,” Karen decided to listen to her inner voice…and the whisper of inspiration turned to consideration, then action.  And that act of following through on that intuition, transformed both Karen and Robyn.

As they love to share on this show, these are the experiences that are led by our soul….if you look, you can always find the magic ready to lead you where your heart wants to go. This was exactly how Karen’s trip to Sedona happened. 

And it was the journey of a lifetime. Karen’s experience will inspire you to listen to your own inner voice and inner guidance. When you follow that, so do magical results.  Robyn and Karen dig into Karen’s Sedona Soul Adventure experience, the healers she met, the experiences she had and how it is changing the journey ahead for both of them.

Find out more about Sedona Soul Adventures: https://sedonasouladventures.com/

Ask Robyn + Karen a question: https://www.seekingwithrobyn.com/ask-robyn/


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