You Can’t Make This Up! Our Mind-Blowing Tarot Therapy Reading (PART TWO)

by May 31, 2021

Karen and I were both fortunate to have readings with Michelle — and they left us stunned. They are unlike any other Tarot readings we’ve ever had. She was able to get to the core of who we are, why we came here, and what steps we need to take in order to achieve true fulfillment and happiness. 

In In Part 2 of our conversation you’ll get to see or hear Michelle in action as she gives Karen and I a reading about the entity we are creating for all Seekers. Get ready for a mind-blowing episode!

Michelle Nolan – Tarot Therapist and Astrologer

Michelle is well-known as a gifted empath, intuitive healer and spiritual guide. Mixing psychology, spirituality and astrology, her talent is rooted in her lifelong connection to the divine which is shared through Tarot readings which focus on each person’s search for a deeper meaning in their personal lives.   

Her confidential, therapeutic sessions channel guided messages that open minds and break down the barriers between emotions, the spirit and the self – giving those who work with her a clearer picture of where they’ve been, who they are, and what they want to strive for in the future.

Focused on providing clarity, she helps her clients elevate their awareness and feel empowered to move forward on their chosen path with grace, balance and a better understanding of their relationships with others and with the world around them.

To work with Michelle, email her at or follow her on Instagram @miche11e.no1an

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