PART 2: Releasing Fear + Stepping into the Unknown

by May 12, 2021


What does Intuitive and Energy Medicine Practitioner Elizabeth Furest have to say about Robyn and Karen’s vision for the future? How do they take their “Seeking” to the next level? Will it happen?

Elizabeth shares her insight and guidance for how to make their dream for Seekers everywhere come true. The advice she gives is something that everyone with a dream can use in their own lives. While the “how” may not seem clear right now, trusting the “what” is more important. We can’t get gripped by fear…both our own fear and the fear that may come from those around us. Fear will keep us stuck.

And, why having the confidence to take a chance on yourself and step into the unknown is the only way to get into the flow of the energy that will help you make your dreams a reality.

Miss Part One? Watch now.

Work with Elizabeth:

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