PART 1: How to Stay on Your Soul’s Path

by Apr 30, 2021


As Robyn and Karen continue to seek out answers to life’s biggest questions, they are blessed to find others on this seeking journey who are just as curious as we are. And most of the time these seeking connections come out of the blue. It’s like the Universe hears them in their own minds looking for that right next person and serves them right up — they must be putting their own call out as well.

The right next person is Elizabeth Furest. She is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, intuitive counselor, reiki master, spirit-to-spirit communicator, and tarot reader. Elizabeth is dedicated to elevating universal consciousness.

Elizabeth was born with an increased intuitive awareness and a hypersensitivity to energy. Her journey to living authentically and utilizing her gifts to help people live healthy and productive lives by awakening their higher selves and supporting their natural gifts didn’t happen overnight, and is quite miraculous.

And, wait until you hear about the Academy of Intuitive Medicine. Robyn and Karen were blown away.

Elizabeth’s wisdom and guidance are far beyond her years, and words will all need to hear to continue to have faith and confidence for our journey along our soul’s path.

To work with Elizabeth visit:

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For more on the Academy of Intuitive Medicine visit: 

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