Discover A New Kind of Tarot…That’s Actually Been Around For Thousands of Years

by Mar 10, 2021

As Robyn was beginning to dig into the study of Tarot, her husband Jeff came across a new methodology and deck of cards created by his former colleague Global Advertising leader, William Charnock. When Robyn took a look, her jaw dropped. From William’s 30+ years working within Fortune 500 companies, he had many lists of values, behaviors, personalities and archetypes that he’d collected over the years. He began to see patterns —and he began to integrate his findings with his studies in Gnosticism, Alchemy, Psychology, Philosophy, and other ancient texts. What he uncovered became The AEON cards, which unlock the wisdom of our souls — and are — dare we say, magical?!

William discusses his upbringing, which is rooted in Atheism and Agnosticism — which is fascinating considering where he is today. He then talks about the evolution of his thinking when it came to ideation…and then the discovery of the AEONS, which are are a collection of forces and energies that pre-date any formalized religion. The AEONS come from digging into Gnostic texts and to William’s surprise mirrored work he had already been doing in his professional career.

William’s AEON cards can lead to invaluable personal and soul guidance. He explains how he feels they differ from Tarot or Oracle cards. He discusses the layers of meaning integrated into each card, as well as the importance of the design. The cards were designed by Graham Wood.

And you have to watch as William gives mind-blowing mini-readings to Robyn and Karen. Get ready to see how you can unlock the answers from within!

For more information about William Charnock, as well as the AEON and Nockwood Cards, visit

You can also follow him on Instagram @williamtheliar


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