Get “Unstuck” with Reiki, Plus The Self-Reiki Move You Can Do Right Now

by Jan 28, 2021

We’ve talked about energy healing, but what is Reiki specifically — and how does it work? Reiki Master Vicky Roncero breaks it all down for you—in terms that you can understand. How can it work for you? She even gives you several self-Reiki moves you can do starting today!

Vicky was (and still is) a TV writer and producer. She worked on everything from “Sesame Street” to “Breaking Bad”…and she and I even worked at Nickelodeon at the exact same time.

In 2001, after suddenly losing her job, she took a trip to a spa — and it would change the course of her life. It was then that Vicky was introduced to Reiki Energy Healing — and from that moment on she saw the world in a completely different light and it would lead her to where she is today.

If you’re feeling stuck — Vicky’s story, her work and Reiki may be just what you need to hear.


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