Karma + Astrology: How The Stars Prove a Mother’s Forever Connection to Her Daughter

by Jan 19, 2021

At the end of the first episode that we dedicated to learning about L. Grey’s warrior journey, something magical happened. L. came to Robyn from the other side. She had a request. She asked for Robyn to reach out to my friend and trusted Astrologer Stevie Calista. L asked for her natal birth chart to be read — and to have Stevie compare her chart to her mother, Vanessa Lynn’s chart. She alluded to the idea that either revelations, validations or answers may be revealed if we did as she asked.

So we did just that. Karen and Robyn are joined by Stevie and Vanessa to discuss what Stevie can see from their charts. What Robyn and Karen like to call the blueprint for our life’s plan which is written with the help of the stars and planets.

Some questions that come up as we see the information about Vanessa and L’s karmic connection play out in their charts are, does your astrological chart stop when you crossover? And, can we see that L would carry out her whole life in her 15 years on Earth?

And just to remind you L. was 12 years old when she was diagnosed with the most painful condition known to humans, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS), which feels like you are being burned alive 24/7. Over the course of the next 3 years, she battled and battled and battled. And she documented all of it.

With an understanding of what was going on with her body, but with no cure in sight and pain that wouldn’t relent…L took her own life on July 22, 2018.

Her mother, Vanessa captures her story of facing unimaginable pain, loving unconditionally, the power of words — and life after death in the book, “Ravens and Rainbows”.

And many of you shared your signs from L — she is showing you that you are never alone and that there is life after death. We’ll share some of those here.

And since we have Stevie here, she shares some nuggets for us to keep in mind as we go forward into 2021.

You can learn more about Vanessa and L’s journey in their book “Ravens and Rainbows” which is available at ravensandrainbows.com or on Amazon.com.

You can book a reading with Stevie Calista at farmhousemoon.com. You can also check her out on Instagram @farmhousemoon.

Burning Limb Foundation

Human Rights Campaign

L’s podcast, “Not Your Inspiration” (14 episodes)

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