PART 2: Mushrooms, Tornadoes & Running Wild + Free – Dani’s Reading with Karen

by Jan 6, 2021

In Part Two of our conversation with Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Dani Yucht, she gives Karen Loenser a reading. She pinpoints what is going on with Karen’s life right now — and where it will be going.

Robyn’s guides pop in as well and she shares messages that are for both Karen and Robyn and their future.

See how Dani uses her newly found spiritual gifts in action. It’s astounding that this was all triggered by contracting Covid and being forced to slow down. She needed to heal her body and pay attention to her soul. She is an inspiration to any of us on this spiritual journey — and what is possible when you are open to receiving guidance from beyond.

For more from Dani, visit and follow her on Instagram @danilouv.

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