PART 1: Covid’s Connection to Angels, Aliens & Ascended Masters – A Spiritual Medium’s Story

by Jan 6, 2021

Covid truly changed Dani Yucht’s life. Not only did she test positive for the virus at the very beginning of quarantine, but she went on to have an awakening that revealed answers about life that she’d always been searching for — as well as spiritual gifts that she had never fully realized.

Covid forced Dani to slow down — and she used that time to meditate. Through those hours of meditating, she started connecting with deceased loved ones, Angels — even Jesus, which she calls an Ascended Master. The latest? A group called The Galactic Federation has been coming through to her — which she believes is an extra terrestrial type conglomeration of light and love that wants to help us all here on Earth. You’ll want to hear more.

Dani connected with her soul’s plan which is to use this newly found spiritual gift, as an intuitive medium to help heal and guide other’s to their divine potential. She also talks about the power of intention — and how that can change your life. And any of us can do that!

Danielle is candid and authentic. While talking to aliens or Angels may sound fantastical, her seeker story is relatable — and may just what you need to hear!

And then she’s showing us her gifts in action in Part Two of this conversation.

For more from Dani, visit and follow her on Instagram @danilouv.

PART 2: Mushrooms, Tornadoes & Running Wild + Free – Dani’s Reading with Karen

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