Seeking Made Simple: How to Clear Yourself for a Spiritual Breakthrough

by Dec 22, 2020

We can all use a good dose of hope as we go into 2021. Meet Steve Hoffman, author of “Clear Vessels.” He had all but given up hope, until a sign from the Universe changed his life. He’s sharing his transformational journey, as well as the guidance and simple practices that worked for him — with you! There’s even a 2-minute meditation that you can do every day!

We discuss looking for signs, affirmations, visualizations, meditation — and tips for integrating these spiritual tools into your own life. If you’ve ever questioned the meaning of life or faced seemingly unrelenting challenges, this may be just what you need to hear. Steve knows the power we all have within us, now you need to know too!

You can find out more about Steve and the book at:

You can buy the book directly at:

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