An Astrologer’s Guide to Dreams, Shifting Reality and What The Future Holds

by Dec 14, 2020

How do you dream? Do you remember your dreams often? Or, are you someone that feels like you never remember them? What are our dreams anyway?

Meet Dr. Michael Lennox. He calls himself — an “ambassador to conscious embodiment”. Once you know his background — and feel his incredible and vibrant soul…you’ll quickly realize the truth in  this description!

Michael is a renowned dream expert and astrologer. He also has his Masters and Doctorate in Psychology. He is the author of several essential books on dreams. And he leads workshops and classes, while also keeping a private practice, with clients and students from around the world.   His passion, experience and extensive knowledge on dreams, astrology, and our psyche, make him a frequent guest on many television shows and podcasts.

We do a deep dive into dreams. We cover all the bases. From how to remember them to understanding what they are trying to tell you. And what is the relationship between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind? Then we talk recurring dreams, nightmares — and even lucid dreaming.

Plus, we discuss “Shifting Reality,” the trend on Tik Tok that has a lot of parents scratching their heads.

We then jump into astrology. Should we be paying attention to our horoscopes? Dr. Lennox has an opinion on that!

And what’s in store over the next 15 years? We’re honored to introduce you all to Michael.

It’s an unforgettable conversation!

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