From Burnout to Breathwork + Reiki

by Dec 5, 2020

OMG. This conversation!! Meet fellow seekers turned healers Ellen Wong and Samantha Williams.

Burnt out of their careers (can you relate?!), they left their jobs to feel better and start a company to help other women feel better. They had no idea it would lead them to deep spiritual awakenings and reveal their own intuitive gifts.

Not only did they create Daughters., they started a podcast and have become certified healers themselves. Their journeys are relatable — and remarkable at the same time. They fill us in on everything from Tarot to Family Constellation Healing to Breathwork and Reiki healing.

Ellen and Sam share their jaw-dropping experiences and explain these different spiritual modalities in detail. By the end we’re discussing aliens, Arcturians and Ascended Masters.

It is an episode you don’t want to miss. Plus, get the scoop on the culmination of their journey their company Daughters. They’ve created products to help you feel better each and every day.

You can hear more about their evolving journeys, as well as healers and teachers that they continue to meet on their “Woo Knew?” Podcast on Apple: and Spotify:

And you can work with both of them!

Want to work with Ellen? You can find her @breathe.dtla on Instagram.

Want to work with Sam? You can find her @catalyzyourcurrent on Instagram.

Look for their Full Moon and New Moon Offerings @we.are.alldaughters on Instagram.

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