The HERstory of HIStory — What You Don’t Know

by Nov 20, 2020

Marisa Acocella is the New York Times best-selling author of her graphic memoir “Cancer Vixen,” among other best-selling books and is an iconic New York cartoonist.

In her new book, “The Big She-Bang”, Marisa channels God the Mother in an epic retelling that begins with “The Big She-Bang” and the rest as they say is HERstory. Acocella sets the story straight from the beginning of time to now.

Marisa is a gifted storyteller. She is brilliant, funny and does not hold back. Her seeker journey is fascinating, empowering and has a bit of magic sprinkled along the way.

She went from the Advertising world to become an iconic cartoonist and best-selling author. Her childhood gift and pastime and would foreshadow the flash that would change her life when she was twenty-nine years old.

Her passion and curiosity to understand where women were in herstory/history culminates in The Big She-Bang. Were women left out of the Bible? Marisa shares stories of God the Mother, God the Father, Sophia, Eve, Adam, Norea, Isis, and more in our conversation.

We discuss humanity and what is going on in our world right now. We’re in a critical point for humanity. What will happen? We get emotional and personal. There is laughing, crying — and lots of learning.

You don’t want to miss all that Marisa has learning about HERstory.

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