NOVEMBER 3 AND BEYOND: Astrology + Tarot Insights

by Nov 2, 2020

​With one day to go until Election Day, many of us are looking for some sense of hope and comfort. Karen and I recently taped several upcoming episodes and the topic of the US Election came up. We wanted to share snippets of those conversations now, because regardless of who you are voting for (and we underscore VOTE!), these insights may bring you peace no matter the outcome.

Karen and I talked to Spirit Squad astrologer Stevie Calista (@farmhousemoon) several months ago and she gave us her thoughts on the rest of 2020, including the election and Donald Trump’s chart.

We also talked to neuroscientist and numerologist Michael Schmidt who looked back at the presidents from the past 100 years from a numerology perspective, including Donald Trump and presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Today, we wanted to share astrologer Dr. Michael Lennox’s take, as well as Ellen Wong’s election Tarot reading.

We believe you’ll find them fascinating and — hopefully they will give you a sense of calm.

You can find out more about Michael Lennox at You can also follow him on Instagram @drlennoxdreams.

You can find out more about Ellen Wong at and @breathe.dtla on Instagram.

You can find out more about the Motherpeace Tarot deck at

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