by Sep 14, 2020

When we last talked to Vanessa Lynn, Ph.D, she introduced us to her daughter L, the warrior soul that came into this world with a knowing that she was here with a painful mission ahead. She trusted Vanessa to be her guide and person while here on Earth, but she never felt at home here. 

At a very young age L was giving her mom cues. By the age of 4 she was expressing her experiences with the supernatural, and shortly after started to capture it with words and poetry that were well beyond her years.   

At 12 years old she was diagnosed with the most painful condition known to humans, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, which feels like you are being burned alive 24/7.

Over the course of the next 3 years, as the condition worsened and other conditions were realized, she battled and battled and battled. And she documented all of it. She wanted her story to be told and her pain to be realized. 

With an understanding of what was going on with her body, but with no cure in sight and pain that wouldn’t relent…L took her own life on July 22, 2018. 

Vanessa captures this story of facing unimaginable pain, loving unconditionally, the power of words — and life after death in her just published book Ravens and Rainbows. It is her journey and it is L’s journey.

The book is broken up into three distinct parts. Before. During. And After. Each part is critical to the journey. In the first conversation with Vanessa, you heard about the Before and the During. 

Today we’ll be talking about the After. L continues to be a force — just from the other side, in a different realm and where she considers her home. Her energy can be felt each and every day. The experiences that have happened since her passing and that continue to happen will both astonish you and help you see that you can have a relationship that transcends this Earth. 

Through this conversation, the hope is that you can start to recognize the signs in your own life and can begin to have a relationship with a deceased loved one or the Universe itself. The signs are all around you.

The absolutely fierce and brilliant Vanessa Lynn is back and you’ll meet Amy Eisenberg and Spiritual Medium Lisa Nitzkin. As well as host and intuitive, Robyn Miller Brecker. All important parts of the After.

It’s no surprise that L joins the episode as well — from the other side. She has an important message and wants to help you.

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“Ravens and Rainbows” by Vanessa Lynn, Ph.D. and L. Grey 

Burning Limb Foundation

Human Rights Campaign

L’s podcast, “Not Your Inspiration” (14 episodes)

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