by Aug 27, 2020

Meet J. Michael Schmidt. He is a neuroscientist, intuitive, numerologist and community builder.

Robyn Miller Brecker, intuitive and host of “Seeking with Robyn”, was introduced to Michael through a mutual friend who suggested Michael do a reading for Robyn. Her mind was blown! He then also did a reading for Executive Producer, Karen Loenser and—holy moly!!!

In addition to receiving guidance and validation, a friendship began.

Michael is a seeker in every sense of the word. His journey weaves together science and spirituality. Yet for many years, he kept these different sides compartmentalized. In addition, as a teenager, Michael had been introduced to the practice of community building, which is also another important part of his life that he credits for changing his life.

While his college years led him to become a neuroscientist, his intuitive side eventually led him to study mediumship, the chakras and numerology. And this is why you need to know Michael.

How does he bring these different sides together?

Robyn and Karen have a fascinating conversation with Michael, plus you’ll learn more about Numerology both for yourself and how we can use it to look at our past presidents and the candidates of the 2020 Election.

In addition, he’ll give you his take on our chakras, which most likely will be different than anything you’ve heard before.

And, his readings are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. See what they reveal about Robyn and Karen!  

If you’re interested in a reading with Michael email him at

Here are the resources that Michael recommends if you are interested in exploring the Chakras or Numerology further:


Where to start?
The Numerology Guidebook by Michelle Buchanan  

Want to dig deeper?
Read this two book series by Matthew Goodwin: Numerology, The Complete Guide Part 1 and Numerology, The Complete Guide Part 2

Have Master Numbers in your chart and want to read more about them?
Master Numbers 11, 22, and 33: The Ultimate Guide

Where to start?
Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing by Caroline Myss

For a more archetypal view of the chakras, Eye of the Lotus by Richard Jelusich

Richard Jelusich’s mentor also has a book that details the chakras awakening process and what people can expect from that, Awakening of the Chakras and Emancipation by Hiroshi Motoyama
*This book isn’t widely available but can be obtained at a reasonable cost from the California Institute of Health Sciences (760-634-1771).

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