by Aug 12, 2020

Meet Dr. Amy Robbins, she is a clinical psychologist, who is also a Spiritual Medium. She is also the host of the podcast, “Life, Death and the Space Between,” where she explores life, death and what it all means.

Amy and Robyn Miller Brecker, intuitive and host of “Seeking with Robyn”, are dear friends who have been on this seeking journey together — and know that their friendship is no coincidence. They have conversations questioning everything all of the time — and are excited to have intuitive and Executive Producer Karen Loenser join them as they dive deeper into Amy’s journey and what she’s learned so far.

They hope their conversation will inspire you to question everything — and start looking both within and all around you.

Amy shares how the loss of her beloved aunt put her on the path to where she is today—bridging two different worlds…one founded in science — and the other founded in energy and spirituality. Amy is a rare combination! Her goal is to open people’s minds and souls to live a more connected life.

Over the last several years Amy has talked to renown spiritual teachers, healers and scientists. Even though she does consider herself a Spiritual Medium, Amy still approaches life as a skeptic. As she says, “A skeptics mind is a curious mind and a curious mind is an open mind and it’s through that open mindedness that you get information.”

Robyn invites you to be open-minded and explore what life, death and the space between means to you.

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