by Jul 30, 2020

You may remember crystals from your youth, but most of us don’t know how powerful they can be in our adult lives.

Robyn Miller Brecker, host of “Seeking with Robyn, and Executive Producer, Karen Loenser meet Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro who have created a crystal empire called Energy Muse. Robyn and Karen have both bought jewelry and crystals from them and knew they would be the perfect people to introduce the power of crystals to our fellow seekers.

So, why crystals?! Well Heather and Timmi will give you that answer — and tell you the three crystals that everyone should own. And they’re telling you how to use them on a daily basis. They believe they can help change your life in a big, positive way. Plus, they have come up with formulas for you to use for each crystal that they sell. How do they do that — and why? Find out.

Also, what makes their process so unique? You won’t believe what they have going on in their warehouse 24/7.

Childhood friends that were able to take a friendship and turn it into a business partnership. Their journeys to building Energy Muse is nothing short of fascinating. And the two of them keep evolving on a soul level. They share the lessons that they have learned with the hope that they will inspire you to live your purpose. There is no time like the present.

As Timmi says, “That was the mission – helping people that knew nothing about energy or crystals, create prosperity. And then Heather sums it up perfectly, “We are light workers, we are warriors, we just have to step into our power.”

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