by Jun 23, 2020

“Seeking with Robyn”, Host and Intuitive, Robyn Miller Brecker and Executive Producer Karen Loenser sit down with Allison Feehan, a Spiritual Intuitive and Medium with a focus on what’s going on from a Medical perspective. She is also a Holistic Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher. 

Allison has had supernatural and intuitive experiences since she was a little girl. Her stories will have you thinking back to your own childhood.

After spending nearly 18 years in corporate America, Allison decided to follow her life’s calling. She went back to school use her spiritual gifts and become a multifaceted healer. 

She gives you the low down on what it means to be a Medical Intuitive. How it works for her — it’s fascinating. And what is a Doctor of Naturopathy or Holistic Practitioner? How does it differ from going to a medical doctor? Plus she discusses the ancient practices of Iridology, Cupping and Acupuncture. In addition, find out how she integrates Angel Cards into her sessions

Allison shares her journey and the messages she continually gets from the Spirit World. She also encourages us all to tap into our inner magic. She believes each of us has it within and all around us — and there are spiritual tools that you can use to help you heal and empower you to move forward with your soul’s plan.

Allison founded her own center to provide holistic wellness services her clients which she can do both virtually and in person. For more information visit Integrated Healing and Wellness Center.

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