by May 12, 2020

In this episode of “Seeking with Robyn”, Host and Intuitive, Robyn Miller Brecker and Executive Producer Karen Loenser sit down with Intuitive Energy Healer Jena Coray.

Not only does Jena share how she came into her intuitive and energetic gifts, but she shares how she created her own unique intuitive energy healing process. And what she says we can all do to tap into our own intuition.

Then, what the heck is your aura, chakras and why should you care? Jena explains it all. Plus, you may have heard of Reiki energy healing. While Jena is trained in Reiki, she discusses how her process is different than Reiki. Oh, and how she can help you tap into your soul’s purpose.

In addition, you’ll meet fellow seeker Danielle. She is at a crossroads in her life, and is in need of healing and guidance. She also happens to be quarantined in her New York City apartment, the epicenter of America’s Coronavirus pandemic.

Jena works her magic on Danielle. Get the lowdown on how the session went and what has come out of it. The results are astounding!

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(Taped March 24, 2020)

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