by Mar 21, 2020

As we navigate a new normal due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), many of us are asking some big life questions, like why is this virus happening now?!! How long is this going to last? And what can we do?

I’m Robyn. For almost 20 years, I was part of Oprah Winfrey’s team, working with and learning from some of the most brilliant thought leaders of our time. And so, I spent my career seeking out answers to life’s BIGGEST questions.

Along the way, I had my own spiritual experiences that changed my life. They awakened me to my own intuitive gifts, as well as my real purpose for being here…to help seekers like me, help seekers like you, find your life’s purpose. I come to you as your host, guide, Intuitive and Spiritual Medium.

I’m bringing together gifted spiritual healers and teachers to make some sense of what is going on right now in our world with Coronavirus (COVID-19). Meet Lisa Rose Nitzkin (Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Counselor), Michelle Brock (Past Life Regressionist and Intuitive Life Coach) , Stevie Knispel (Astrologer), Jena Coray (Intuitive Energy Healer), Allison Feehan (Natural Health Practitioner and Medical Intuitive) and Karen Loenser (Producer, Seeker, Intuitive). They are bringing us insights and channeled messages to give us all hope.

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