by Jun 19, 2019

I was in New York for a work trip.

My colleague and work partner for the past 10+ years was leaving for her next chapter and we were sending her off with a party — and also talking to our New York based team.

In addition, we were in the middle of working on a project with our extended team at Discovery Networks.

It was a weird time for me. I had faith that something would come to fruition over the next year and I had the insight from my reading with Lisa, but I wasn’t sure what the how this would all happen.

Note to all: don’t worry about the how, worry about the what. This took me some time to learn.

…and I was sad to say goodbye to my dear friend and colleague who would be heading out West for her new gig.

While in town I made plans to meet for dinner with my friend Heidi Krupp-Lisiten, who is a publicist/agent that I had worked with for many years because she represented a ton of talent that we used on the The Oprah Winfrey Show and at OWN.

During our dinner, I brought up my upcoming article. She had no idea that I was into “that kind of stuff.” She immediately started calling and texting people that she knew and/or represented in this field right from the table.

One was Thomas John, a celebrity medium, who was on set for his upcoming show at the time, Seatbelt Psychic. (Loved that show!!) He was in the middle of his shoot and said to email him later and we’d make time to meet up. WOW! OK!!

Then she reached out to Sheryl Netzky, an energy alchemy teacher that she said was beyond wise and brilliant! (She guides thought leaders and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies)

There were several others, but these two magical souls ended up being key to my spiritual 2018.

Heidi was IN to help me however she could. She not only believed in Spirit, she believed in me.

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