by Jun 14, 2019

April 22, 2018. My 43rd birthday. Whoa 43. I’m not someone who really gets caught up in my age. In my opinion, it really is just a number. I’m all about, how do I feel?! I’m very proud of each year, (and day) I’ve had on this planet. I am grateful for each day that I get! I will say though as I reflected on this birthday I realized that I was truly ready for some change in my professional life. While I had a dream job and worked for one of the most dynamic forces on the planet, something was no longer fulfilling me. I would sit in meetings and feel like my soul was dying. Literally dying. My person was there, but my soul was like, “Hey there, get us out of here!!!!”

I felt like I was supposed to be doing something else, but WHAT?! I felt lost, but I couldn’t admit that to anyone except Jeff and my sister. I didn’t know what to do and being the responsible person that I am, I didn’t feel I could just quit my job without a plan. I also think I had Ego wrapped up in this — not just the actual job or who I worked for, but the not knowing what would be next. What would I say to people? I was sticking this job out until I had some sort of Aha! Moment or a new plan.

So, back to the day. My birthday. It was pretty fantastic. Yoga, Bella and Jeff hangout time — and Supper Club with my friends. The Supper Club that I belong to consists of 10 couples. Each couple pays an agreed upon amount of money (the same amount each time) and each couple takes turns hosting. The couple that is hosting can choose to host at their house or a venue using the total amount of money from the attending couples. Those that are attending are not privy to the experience of the upcoming evening. We show up and the evening unfolds. We do this 4 to 5 times a year — and it’s all with friends that are like family…and since some of these experiences can take you out of your comfort zone — we’ve bonded even more over the past 4 years.

Ok, so this time we are attending Supper Club at our friend’s house — an excellent way to celebrate 43! We arrive. In addition to live music and a fantastic chef– there is a psychic there to give each person a 10-15 minute reading. The psychic only knows first names. And btw — I love that there is a psychic in attendance on MY birthday?!! YES, please!!

Ok, so Jeff and I go up to the room where the psychic is giving readings. This psychic uses Tarot cards to do her readings. (Side note: I’m fascinated by Tarot and we will be finding out more about tarot in upcoming posts and segments)

I go first. The psychic lays the cards out and as she looks at this one column, she says, “You do something really rare right now. You’ve been successful at whatever this is, BUT…” And then she points to the next column of cards and continues,”…this next thing you’re going to do is going to be even more successful and aligned with your soul’s purpose — your purpose for being here. And it’s going to make you very noticed. Like famous.”

I’m thinking…umm. Ok?!

She then goes on to say that I will feel like things are aligned and on purpose when this next chapter starts. She also says that this will all take about a year to a year and half to happen. She says, “don’t quit your job tomorrow.” “But,” she says, “I think you’ll be done with your current job by the end of this year and then you’ll be working on this next “thing” in 2019. February and March will be months of making things happen and then April/May things will come together quickly. This new chapter will be in full force by 2020.” She said my family may have to move to a warmer climate, but that wasn’t for certain.

Well, that was interesting.

I felt excited that she saw change coming. That was quite a birthday gift. She gave me hope. She unlocked something within me. I wasn’t sure what it all meant, but it sounded exciting and promising.

Sign me up Universe and helloooooo 43!!

(What I didn’t know was that this was just the beginning of my soul’s awakening!)

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