Hosts Robyn Miller Brecker and Karen Loenser are doing the research, having the conversations and weeding through the spiritual + holistic clutter for you. They’ll be boiling it down to what you need to know now. So bring on the mediums, the shamans, the tarot readers and astrologers…bring in the sage, the psychedelics and the crystal balls. Robyn and Karen will “seekify” your journey with quick, magical morsels of soulful nuggets to nourish your own seeking adventure. Get ready to sample, dabble, and savor with them each week.


I am proud to be a mentor on theJuggl. This private mentorship platform has officially launched! It inspires all women to tackle anything, while they juggl everything. It’s a place for you to show up as yourself, for yourself. 

I’ve worked 100 hour weeks both with and without my daughter…and with an aging parent to boot. Life serves up daily challenges. theJuggl is a place + community to motivate and support you, and your dreams. It’s not a place for perfection, it’s a place for progress with no judgment. Hop on and check out the fabulous mentors representing all aspects of our lives, including — well you guessed it, spirituality.


These are the source of some of life’s biggest questions. And I’ve spent my career seeking out those answers.

During my 19 years as part of Oprah Winfrey’s team, I’ve met and worked with some of the most brilliant thought leaders of our time.

But like most of us, my true awakening came when I faced my own life story, which I am going to share with you.

I’m going to introduce you to spiritual beliefs and practices that can help you heal, give you hope and get you back on track with why you are really here.


I was 12 when my whole world changed in an instant. On a humid summer day in July 1987, my hilarious, handsome, smart, compassionate, loving 41-year-old father passed away of a heart attack.

If you’ve ever lost a loved one or you’re simply curious about the spirit world, read on.



Are you at a crossroads in your life? Have you suffered a major loss? Do you feel like you are supposed to be doing “something”, but you don’t know what? I am developing programming based on my own experiences to help you!


Have a question? If you do, there’s a good chance someone else is curious about the same topic. Nothing is too weird. Trust me. I certainly don’t have all of the answers, but I would love the opportunity to seek out a response! We’re all on this journey together. Let’s learn from and with one another.

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